The Best Pawn Shop in Vista

 When residents of Vista, Carlsbad, San Marcos and surrounding areas need extra cash or a little extra room around the house,they turn to Tri-City Pawn, Inc. a leading and trusted pawn shop serving Southern California for 15 years and counting.

What sets us apart from other pawn shops? For starters, our standout customer service and highly competitive prices, and also our impressive inventory. Whether you're seeking pawn loans, wanting to rid your life of uneeded items or just find something nice and shiny, Tri-City Pawn, Inc. is the place to go.

coffee and pearls
gold bullion
antique watches

Buying & Selling Items

From Antique Goods to Power Tools

As the regions's most trusted pawn store, We're always on the lookout for new goods. Our shelves are always full, so consider us the next time you need a pawnbroker for dealings involving jewelry (including gold, silver and watches), electronics (including Apple products), or any of the following:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Silver
  • Silverware
  • Antique and Vintage Goods
  • Power Tools
  • Records/LP's

We pride ourselves in offering premium customer service and high-quality products at reasonable prices. So whether you're looking to buy jewelry , sell an old IPad or secure a small loan, we hope you'll consider us for any and all your pawning needs.

Serving Greater Carlsbad and San Marcos

Times are tough right now, and at Tri-City Pawn, Inc. we get that. Whether you need a quick loan, need some new items for your home or as a gift, or you just want to secure top dollar for that stuff that's been taking up too much space in your garage, stop by or contact our fully licensed shop today by calling 760-941-6962.

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